25 April 2013


Lately, things have been changing a lot for me...well, I've been making things change...and I feel so much appreciation for the good in my life, for the love, the care and consideration I'm experiencing...yes, there's a lot of happy going on here at TMS...

Over the last few weeks the spring has finally arrived and I'm realising why I was so drawn to find colour in other ways through the long winter...I keep buying colour...any excuse to add to the stash...the latest arrivals being more Neoprene 11 water soluble wax crayons, I love the rich colours and blend-ability...the effects ranging from waxy to watercolour are really cool!

Today was the first morning warm enough to sit outside on the bench with my morning hot chocolate...Izzy having her breakfast al fresco too ;) look at the amazing lichen on the bench, the colours are beautiful...I'd better get the macro lens on and take a closer look!

My darling partner bought me these flowers today and they really are beautiful, full of spring colour and the stocks smell gorgeous...I didn't realise how much I'd missed the smell until it wafted into our home again today...

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  1. Love your colorful work! Those flowers are perfect.
    Much appreciation to you for sharing your beautiful work on Floral Love ♥
    Would like to see you on my FB page as well ;)

  2. Color post! I love the last one. I can just imagine the smell you are enjoying right now.

  3. thanx for your lovely weekend flowers! :)

  4. Your new blog is beautiful Ruth and as always your pictures are fabulous. I love the colours in Izzy's outdoor rug, great camouflage!

  5. Gorgeous flowers! Love the soft gentle colors of your blog, and look forward to seeing more of your mixed media pieces!

  6. So much to be joyful about!


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