17 June 2013

Re-Connect {new painting}

I went for a walk, through woods and valley...it was lush and green with a heavenly scent...that of growth, of freedom and of new beginnings...I stood for a while and took deep breaths, feeling my own roots sinking down into the earth to re-connect...

'Re-Connect' mixed media on canvas

Then I came home and I felt like painting...and the painting above is what happened...nature came home with me ♥

A moody day where we live

Our weather is mixed...it's really not like having a summer at all, sort of a spring/summer hybrid, with the spring blooms still flowering amidst the first roses and lupins...

Helebores and spring flowers

I hope you are finding time to get outside and find inspiration in nature...and also finding time to be creative too...it's important, it's good for the soul ♥


  1. I love the new painting Ruth, what a lovely talent you have.

  2. oh, how i miss seeing those rape fields!

  3. Love those photos. I wish we still had spring here...been summer for two months now.

  4. Beautiful Ruth -- very uplifting!

  5. thanx for your wonderful piece of heaven and the lovely weekend flowers! :)

  6. Beautiful - I was so drawn to your painting!

  7. What a lovely landscape and your painting is beautiful!

  8. Lovely poetic lines, great click and a fantastic painting. You do stay in an amazing place.

  9. Lovely and beautiful!
    Visiting from The View!
    Happy Hugs,


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