7 November 2013

Autumn inspiration...

Most of the gardens I love to visit close around this time of year for the winter, re-opening again in March for all the spring beauties to behold...so I was pleased to be able to do a little visiting this last week, before my floral friends get tucked up for the winter...I think of the perrenials and the trees and shrubs as good friends as I've come to know them in all their glorious stages year after year...I look forward to seeing them again in a few months and to tide me over, I have some images to share through the winter months for inspiration...

There are many things I love about autumn, the striking colour palette, the forms of the branches becoming bare and starkly beautiful, witnessing the final stages of seedheads popping open like miniature sculptures...all so awesome...

Such variety from the robust reds and oranges to the light, fluffy grasses, whispering their secrets in the breeze...

I take heart when I see the abundance of nature in the autumn, the creative organising of provisions for the winter months ahead...and the seeds for the oncoming new seasons, there is hope in there too...the re-assuring eternal cycle of life, so amazing in it's beauty and infinite wisdom...as a wise person once said "the only constant thing in life is change", and for me, nature takes the uncertainty surrounding change away, replacing it with a cyclic wonder, anticipation and trust in the bigger picture of life...

Tortoiseshell patterns and repeating layered forms, so intricate and beautiful all at the same time...I'm finding there is great beauty in change...I hope to see you again soon when I share more autumnal inspirations...enjoy the season ♥

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  1. Oh! I am so very pleased to see you pop up in my reader and with such glorious photos too. :)

  2. Such artistic takes on the last of nature's bloom.

  3. Great series of shots... that red leaf is SO beautiful! Thank you for coming by to share on Rurality Blog Hop #39!

  4. Beautiful!
    Greetings, RW & SK


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