9 May 2014

Molly the moon gazing hare...

I've always loved hares, and we are fortunate to have many of them living around here...so I thought it time to capture one or two...on paper of course!

'Molly the moon gazing hare' - mixed media on 6 x 4" paper

This is my first attempt at painting animals since my teens, when I used to draw and paint animals all the time...it's fun! Below are a few new snaps taken over the weekend...look at the unusual colour combo's that nature puts together...they all work perfectly of course but are combinations that I'd probably not come up with myself, so I captured some to use as inspiration for future paintings...

These amazing tulips look like they've already been painted!

My little art studio is pretty crammed full lately with all sorts...from a new tin, you know, for 'stuff' and a few more hare pictures coming along...and flowers...time to bring spring indoors to brighten the place up...

Of course, it's not usually that tidy...but I have been re-organising lately, putting things in boxes, so when not in use, they stay clean, it has made things much easier all round...that's Izzy's (my lurcher) coat in the far left corner, with all the stars on :) we're still bundling up here in the U.K as the weather is changeable and me and my girl, we do feel the cold! She's in her pj's next to me, having a 'happy waggy dream' as I type this...I wonder what she's dreaming about? Biscuits, chasing or tripe sticks probably...



  1. How absolutely wonderful to see this post. Your hare is stunning. I swear that Pepsi was actually talking in her sleep/dream this morning! x

  2. Wonderful rabbit art - love the contrast with the blues and the moon. And oh, such beautiful flowers.


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